About Hapkido

Hapkido is a traditional Korean Martial Art that is fun, challenging and can be studied by all ages.

Hapkido dates back 1000s of years to Daito-ryu and Aiki Jujutsu.

Hapkido combines kicking, punching, joint locks, pressure points, throws and weapons to teach you how to defend yourself while improving your health, strength, fitness, flexibility and (most importantly) mind.

Hapkido teaches 100% realistic self-defence – prevention is better than cure!

Hapkido will teach you how to:

Assess risk by being conscious of                                                                                 potential dangers

Be confident that you can prevent                                                                             your attacker from hurting you

Control the situation by taking                                                                                     advantage of the attacker’s weak                                                                               points and use their energy against                                                                           them.

Hapkido is a way of life, not a sport; hence the aim is mastery of yourself, not ‘beating’ others.


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