Welcome to Strive Hapkido 

Hello 2017!  Classes start back Monday 9th of January!

This academy is the first of its kind, where the emphasis is not just on learning new skills, but on better understanding yourself as a personYOU cannot change others, only your reaction to them.

Hapkido is  great for:

KIDS who want to Improve Confidence, Increase Concentration and learn how to Stay Safe.

 ADULTS who want to Improve Fitness, Lose Weight and Relieve Stress (we all need VENT sometimes!!!!)

It’s better to be the best version of yourself possible, rather than a second-rate version of someone else. So once you have learned the basics of Self-Defence, your Hapkido develops into whatever you are passionate about  – Weapons training, Competitions and more!

Hapkido is learned through feeling and doing, so classes have a heavily restricted maximum number of students at a time – QUALITY is better than quantity, ALWAYS!

Instructor Brendon Markos has over 20 years of Martial Arts experience, has represented Australia in Hapkido Internationally and has worked extensively in the Security Industry. In his personal life, Brendon is a fulltime dad to his 3 young kids and 5 teenaged step-kids; developing people who are confident, contributors to society is not just his speciality, it’s his life!!!

Call Brendon now on 0439 981 155 to get your first lesson FREE!!!

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